This is an area of this website that we are really excited to create, but we need your help! Our objective is to celebrate all of the amazing birth support we have available to us in the Quinte area! If you were well cared for by a nurse, doctor, midwife, obstetrician, doula or other birth professional and you want to honour them publicly, please complete the form below. You can write 1 sentence or a very short story describing your wonderful experience with your care provider. Don't forget to include their name!

On the contrary, if you have experienced a traumatic birth or are struggling with an aspect of your birth, you will soon find resources here to help you find the gifts and heal the wounds. 

If you are a counsellor, physiotherapist, energy worker or other professional who offers a service or support for women and their families after a traumatic birth experience, please contact us to be listed here. 

Our goal is to celebrate our communties successes in public and offer support when things do not go as well in private. 


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