Positive Birth Project

We recognize that what we give our energy to gets bigger. One of our main objectives is to continuously improve birth in our community. Let's give a whole lot of energy to what we do well, what goes right and what we are grateful for. 

We are asking you to think of something positive about your birth. We recognize that birth is unpredictable and rarely does it happen exactly the way we want it to, but we challenge you to find a gift from your experience. For some of you that will be easy and for others, it will take some searching. Did somebody support you in a way that you are grateful for (family member, friend, nurse, doctor, OB, midwife, doula.. )? Did you surprise yourself with your ability to handle an aspect of your birth or in your ability to cope or do something amazing? What (besides your baby) are you really grateful for about your experience? Imagine that your nurse, doctor, OB or midwife is reading your sign. What do you want them to know you appreciated about your birth? 

Write your "gift" down in large, clear print and have someone take a photo of you (or take a selfie holding your words if you can manage) and email your photo to: childbirthquinte@gmail.com
We will add your photograph to our gallery of your photos on our website and together we will share the beauty to be found in every birth. If you are struggling to find a gift, please message the Page. We would love to talk to you about your experience. If you would like help with wording, we'd be happy to do that with you too. 

We also recognize that there is a lot of hurt, pain and trauma around birth for many women in our community. We strive to focus on the gifts in every experience publicly, while nurturing the trauma one on one. We have established a resources and community calendar page where you can find information on local resources for support and healing. In the meantime, please contact us and we will help you find the best source of support and healing for you. There are many different approaches and we're equally as passionate about taking care of your wounds. 


Childbirth Quinte

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